One of my best friends nicknames me the panda, because I'm black (beard) and white (bald head) in my face and a vegetarian. I am open to other cultures, but especially the asian region, and I'm hooked on martial arts. So it's no wonder, she calls me Olli the panda.


This blog is all about my passion eating, drinking and having fun with friends.

Vegetarian recipes

These are my own recipes or recipes inspired by other people or restaurants I cook my way.

(What's the story) morning glory ?

This is morning glory. I do not mean the highly acclaimed album of the rock band Oasis. I mean water spinach. A great veggie from Thailand prepared with a delicious & simple recipe.

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Posh baked camembert

I found the idea for this recipe on Pinterest. I altered it a bit and made it match with the ingredients I found in the supermarket and the a matching wine.


The result does not only look, but also taste good. Try yourself!

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The spaghetti incident

Spaghetti Napoli is such a classic Italian dish - everyone likes it. I cooked it my way with the best of fresh and convenience ingredients and made it a hell of a pasta dish!

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Choriatiki - Greek farmer salad rocks my world!

Everyone who ever was in a Greek restaurant knows the Greek farmer salad Choriatiki. Here I present you my recipe of one of my favourite salads ever. καλή όρεξη - enjoy!

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Thai minced beef salad

Do not let yourself be fooled by the name of this dish. It's actually vegan and one of my favourite Thai food starters.


Check out my recipe and enjoy yourself...

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Alsatian Flammkuchen Halloween Style

Tarte Flambée or Flammekueche is a traditional dish from the region Alsace in France. It's like a French style pizza and very popular there. For Halloween I created an own version of this hearty snack. Bon appetite!

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Kat's Curry

Kathrine Marsh is a great vocalist, songwriter and vocal arranger from the UK, who I'm following since I saw her performance on Bring Me The Horizon's dvd playing live @ the Royal Albert Hall. 


Last week Kat published a photo on instagram showing her Indian vegan curry she'd cooked. It looked so yummy, that I decided to cook such a curry, too, on next weekend.  Recently, Kat told me, she got the recipe from the Vegan Hermit. What a great source!

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Bircher Müsli - a great Swiss cereal dish

Bircher Müsli is a cereal bowl with cereals, fresh fruits and cream. I fell in love with it, when I was working for Mövenpick Restaurants in the 90ies. Here's the recipe!

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Fried noodles with Chinese broccoli & shitake mushrooms & mung bean sprouts

Do you know broccoli? Sure. But do you know Chinese broccoli? Not yet?


Here's your chance to get to know Gai Lan...followed by some tasty fried noodles.

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Hemp Tabbouleh = Happy Tabbouleh!

Tabbouleh is a very popular Persian salad, mainly made of parsley, tomatoes and couscous.


Tabbouleh is also a very healthy dish.


Here I introduce another version of it.



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Kaeng Pa - Thai Jungle Curry

Jungle curry is one of my - literally hot - favorites of Thai cusine. 


The best Kaeng Pa I ever had is served in the Thai restaurant of the Churchill Arms Pub in London. They cook it in a ruthlessly hot manner. 


Reason enough to try myself to cook it...and, yeah! - I like it!

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Sigara börek - Crispy cheese filo pastry rolls

This popular Turkish snack is a nice dish for parties or if you have some guests. I have my own way of preparing them.


Check out how you can surprise your friends next time they visit you! 

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Bruschetta - my way!

Bruschetta is one of the most famous Italian appetizers served in restaurants all over the world.


There are some variations, but the classic still remains unbeatable. 

I created my own way of preparing Bruschetta. 

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Pad Thai - A Thai national dish goes veggie

Pad Thai is one of the two absolute signature dishes of Thai cuisine. It combines the signature tastes of Asian cuisine for us Westerners sweet, sour and hot and is therefore the perfect Asian dish for many of us!

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Hung(a)ry for vegetarian Segedínsky Gulyás

Goulash is a specialty from Hungary. Gulyás literally means meat. But this is a Segedínsky Gulyás without meat, because this is a vegetarian food blog.


By the way: Segedínsky Gulyás does not come from Szeged. The rumour has it, a writer named József Székely had the idea to add some sauerkraut to his goulash. My substitute for the meat are mushrooms. It turned out so well...

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My Immune Power Booster

In autumn and winter, there are commonly several waves, when many people catch themselves a cold or even a flu.


If you got it, there are some basic rules to get over it. One rule is: drink a lot. Fresh water is great and this home remedy is even greater. Give your cold a big scare! 


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Wild garlic Spätzle alla Genovese

It's time for some fusion food again. Pasta alla Genovese is quite we need a certain difference in this game...a handsome stranger. I found him in a very special part of Southern Germany: Swabia.

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Buddha bowls - Food trends of 2017

Buddha bowl are the new trend coming from the USA straight to Europe this year. 


Those colourful & healthy meals actually come from Asian food culture and can be done is many delicious ways. Get a taste now!

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Naan Pizza - A food trend of 2017

Naan pizza is fusion food at its best! India meets Italy and became en vogue this year as a food trend.


I am huge fan of pizza and Indian cuisine, of course I had to try this out. 

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Choy Sum - As healthy as it gets

Kale is considered as one of the most healthy veggies on earth. The Chinese kitchen has several sorts of kale to offer. 


Reason enough to introduce some of them. Here comes a very basic stir fry.

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The Pesto formula

Spaghetti al rucola pesto

Pesto is one of the all-time-classics of pasta sauces of Italy. Over many years many variations of the original basil-pecorino-pine-nuts-salt-pepper-olive-oil sauce have been created, so the overview nowadays is difficult, but there is hope...

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